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Plastic Tokens

Looking for the most effective but still affordable way to set up a positive reward system? Our blank tokens are starting from just $0.07 each and are available in 16 different colours. The tokens have a diameter of 29mm and are made from recycled plastic. Most colours are kept in stock so they can be dispatched straight away.

Made from recycled plastic in a variety of bright colours and lightweight wood, tokens are a sought-after form of currency in both educational and event settings. Customise your own plastic tokens to display a school emblem or have them serve as a bespoke reminder of an unforgettable event.  


What can plastic tokens be used for?

An ideal and creative way to reward positive behaviour and motivate students, plastic tokens are very popular in both primary and high schools. As opposed to verbal and written praise, many children and teachers find that physical items such as plastic tokens and token collectors are easier to equate to future rewards — making them an effective method for positive behaviour reinforcement. 

In addition to reward and recognition systems, plastic tokens are a common alternative to cash and tickets at events — often used as currency for food and beverages at festivals, markets and other outdoor events. Made from recycled plastic, they can withstand the elements and be used over and over again.

How does the customisation process for plastic tokens work?

From full-colour printing and embossing on custom plastic tokens to one colour printing on both plastic and wooden tokens, you can customise your tokens depending on your needs.

What type and colour of plastic tokens do you offer? 

We stock 29mm plastic tokens in 16 base colours as well as wooden tokens made from maple wood in 38mm in diameter. 

The go-to place for all your custom plastic tokens needs

Providing the most affordable plastic tokens in Australia and the fastest response rates, Plastic Tokens is the go-to shop for many schools, events, conventions, and festivals.

Buy plastic tokens online today or make an appointment to come by and see our customisable and cheap plastic tokens in person.



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