Reward Token Collectors

Our reward token collectors are ideal for primary and high schools that work with a positive behaviour program.
The collectors are designed in the house colors and are great for students of all age groups and have a lot of positive outcomes.

  • It will stimulate positive student behavior
  • It is a great way to reward students when they excel
  • Students will feel more contributed to the competition
  • It will increase student’s motivation to collect reward tokens
  • It creates a healthy competition between the school houses
  • Tracking house-points becomes a lot easier

Each model has four tubes which are marked with the four different house colors (Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow).
Each house has its own tube in their classroom and/or in the entire school. The school divides all the students into one of the houses,
and that house will be theirs for a period of time.

Students subsequently must try and collect as many tokens as they can for their allocated house. They can do that, for example, by showing good behavior, excelling in grammar, or winning/participating at sports events. At the end of each period, the school can reward all the students who excelled with reward tokens. Likewise, the tokens can be added to the tubes and the house with the most points/tokens at the end will win.

There are three different token collector sizes available. When considering your size choice for your school you can think about the number of students per school/class and the length of the token collection period.

Unfortunately, due to high demand we are now sold out of the small and medium token collectors. We are very sorry for any inconvenience. There are new collectors in production, but these won't be finished until the end of May. If you would like to put a pre-order in please send an email to