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Cloakroom Tickets For Every Purpose

Do you need cloakroom tickets for your venue? CombiCraft has you covered with our great selection of reusable cloakroom tags. Cloakroom tickets are great for live sales, coatroom checks, and hanger numbers. At CombiCraft we stock a variety of colors and styles to choose from to fit your needs.

We have jumbo cloakroom tickets for larger items, like coat hangers and luggage. Our coat hanger number tags are made from acrylic and can be customised with your venue or event name. We also have small round cloakroom tags for smaller items, like umbrellas and purses. These coat check numbers are made from black plastic and are numbered 1 to 1000.

How to Use CombiCraft Cloakroom tickets?

Our cloakroom number tags are extremely versatile and can be used for a range of purposes.  Here are some of the ways our customers have used our tags:

  • As luggage tags for easy identification
  • As cloakroom raffle tickets - tie the tag to the prize and sell tickets for a chance to win!
  • As live sale number tags - number each item and sell them by ticket number
  • As coat check tickets - help your guests keep track of their belongings while they enjoy your event
  • As hanger numbers - great for organising clothes in a store or at a live sale

At CombiCraft, we are committed to providing high quality products and excellent customer service. Our cloakroom tickets are made from durable materials and are built to last.

Order Yours Today!

As Australia's leading supplier of cloakroom tags, we offer quick and easy online purchase with affordable and reliable shipping. We offer standard and express shipping for all of our products as well as shoppay, PayPal, GPay, and credit card payment options. Don’t delay, order your cloakroom tickets today! 

Shop Our Catalogue

In addition to our plastic and acrylic cloakroom tags, we also sell raffle ticket books and custom paper ticket books. At CombiCraft we also have a wide range of positive behaviour for learning products. Such as our reward wristbands, stamp & stickers, reward accessories or our reward medals and pins.  We are passionate about providing the best quality products at competitive prices. Check out our range today or contact one of our friendly staff members for more information.

  • from $ 6.25 AUD

    Acrylic Cloakroom Tags

    Material: acrylic Size: 75x50x3mm Hole Size: 35x20mm

    from $ 6.25 AUD
  • $ 89.95 AUD

    Plastic Cloakroom Tags - 100 pieces

    Material: plastic Size: Ø38mm Hole Size: 22x16mm Engraving: 0001 - 0100

    $ 89.95 AUD


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