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Tube Token Collectors for Every Purpose 

At Combicraft Australia, we offer a varied range of tube token collectors. With different schools in mind, our team has designed three types of tube token collectors, small, medium or large tube token collectors. Enhance your PBL program today with the perfect reward token collector for your school!

How to use token collectors?

Classroom token collector

The small tube token collector will help you to stay on top of the reward tokens accumulated by students. The smaller size tube token collector is ideal to use in the classroom. Every teacher likes to award well-performing students with reward tokens in the classroom. Our small token collector can be placed on the teacher’s desk, where the pupils can put their tokens in the collection tubes. For more student rewards products browse our stamps & stickers, medals & pins and wristband range.

House points token collector

Our large tube token collector can hold a large number of tokens (8.000) and this floor-stand model should be placed in the corridor of the school. When on full display the students can see how many tokens their house team has collected, and how they are performing against the other houses. The medium tube token collector acts the same and is recommended for smaller schools.


Acrylic token collectors are often used for voting purposes, our cubicle token collectors are for customers who are looking for a one section ballot box or suggestion box.  

Order tube token collectors online

Combicraft Australia is proud to be the leading supplier of token collectors. We offer standard and express shipping for all our products, ordering your token collector online is easy and convenient. Is your preferred colour missing, or are you looking for a bespoke token collector? Please discuss your wishes with our friendly sales team. If you would like to talk to us, please do not hesitate to contact us. For more information please visit our FAQs section.

  • from $ 135.00 AUD

    Small Token Collectors

    Our small token collectors are designed for a classroom set up.  The small token collector can be filled with our reward tokens in the classroom f...

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    from $ 135.00 AUD
  • from $ 215.00 AUD

    Medium Token Collectors

    Our medium token collectors are designed for a classroom set up on larger schools or for a school wide set up on smaller schools.  The medium token...

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    from $ 215.00 AUD
  • from $ 505.00 AUD

    Large Token Collectors Tube

    Our large token collectors are designed for a school wide set up.  The large token collector can be placed in a central location in the school so w...

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    from $ 505.00 AUD


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