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Cloakroom & Raffle Tickets

Looking for cloakroom tickets for your venue or raffle tickets for your upcoming event? Look no further! We've got you covered with our fantastic range of reusable cloakroom tags and paper raffle ticket books. Our cloakroom tickets are perfect for coatroom checks and hanger numbers. 

When to use cloakroom tags & raffle tickets?

Our cloakroom tags & raffle tickets serve various purposes. Discover how our range of different colours and styles can help you today.
  • At Event & Exhibitions. Want a hassle-free cloakroom experience for your guests? Our claokroom tags will offer the solution. Our Tiffany sets are available in various colours with a standard number or custom printing. Additionally, our acrylic tags are entirely customisable to your specifications. Choose your size, colour and engraving for a tailored experience.

  • At Schools, Sportclubs & Fairs. Our paper tickets are a budget and environmental friendly way to implement drink, food or entry tokens to your next event or fair. Paper tickets are available in many colours and can be printed with your custom design. Besides are our uniquely designed raffle tickets the ideal choice for your next raffle. The books come in 5 different colors and include an additional security number.

We are proud to be the leading provider of positive behaviour supplies Australia-wide, already providing positive behaviour products to over 400 schools. We offer standard and express shipping for all Australia-based customers. Ordering your token collector online is straightforward and convenient. Purchase orders are available upon checkout, with our added bank transfer payment option.

If you need additional information about our products and services, please visit our FAQ section. If you would like to get in contact with us directly please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone.

  • from $ 12.95 AUD

    Raffle Ticket Books

    Our versatile double ticket booklets cater a diverse range of businesses and activities. Whether it's for classroom raffles, cloakroom checks, or c...

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    from $ 12.95 AUD
  • from $ 5.95 AUD

    Paper Tickets

    Our versatile paper tickets are crafted from high-quality paper and feature vibrant printing. They are designed to streamline entry, manage food an...

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    from $ 5.95 AUD
  • $ 89.95 AUD

    Plastic Cloakroom Tags

    Our Tiffany cloakroom tags are availalbe in 7 vibrant colours. These tags will ensure your coat check process is going to be organised and hassle-f...

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    $ 89.95 AUD
  • Acrylic Cloakroom Tags | CombiCraft
    from $ 6.25 AUD

    Acrylic Cloakroom Tags

    Looking for an elegant and stylish way to keep track of your guests' belongings at your next event? Look no further than our acrylic cloakroom tags...

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    from $ 6.25 AUD


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