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Plain Plastic Tokens

Our plain plastic tokens are available in many different shapes, sizes and colours. These tokens are made from 95% recycled plastic and can be recycled once they have served their purpose. Our plain plastic tokens are an affordable option for implementing a positive behavior system in primary and high school or can be utilized as a form of currency at events. With a minimum order quantity of only 100 pieces, our plain tokens are easily accessible to meet your needs.
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    Plastic Round Tokens

    Our round reward tokens are already used by over 900 schools Australia wide. The tokens are made from recycled plastic and are not only environmen...

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    from $ 0.15 AUD
  • $ 0.30 AUD

    Plastic Stackable Tokens

    Our stackable plastic tokens are an invaluable learning tool for primary and high schools. These tokens provide numerous benefits that support vari...

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  • $ 0.50 AUD

    Plastic Heart Shaped Tokens

    Our plastic heart-shaped tokens offer yet another fantastic option to establish a reward system in primary and high schools. Heart-shaped tokens ca...

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