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Storage Containers For Every Purpose

Do you need a place to store your classroom tokens? Or perhaps you're looking for a new way to keep track of your child's allowances and rewards. Either way, CombiCraft has the perfect storage solution for you. Our selection of clear plastic buckets is perfect for any purpose. We have a small and a large transparent plastic bucket with a lid, which hold 500 and 750 of our plastic tokens respectively. They are great for food buckets with lids, general classroom storage or designated plastic token containers.

How to Use CombiCraft Storage Containers with Lids?

In the Classroom

These are ideal as classroom token collectors as part of your token economy system. They can also be used to store our game pawns, custom printed reward pins or anything else that needs to be contained! Our classroom buckets are durable and made from high quality recycled plastic.

At Home

Our plastic containers are perfect for food storage or as a rewards jar. Give your child a marble to put in the container when they display positive behaviour and when the bucket is full they get their reward!

Order Yours Today!

As Australia's leading supplier of classroom storage, we offer quick and easy online purchase with affordable and reliable shipping. We offer standard and express shipping for all of our products as well as Shop Pay, PayPal, GPay, and credit card payment options. Don’t delay, order your plastic buckets with lids today!

Shop Our Catalogue

In addition to easy open storage buckets with lids, we also sell cloakroom tags and raffle tickets. At CombiCraft we also have a wide range of positive behaviour for learning products. Such as our reward wristbands, stamp & stickers, reward accessories or our reward medals and pins.  We are passionate about providing the best quality products at competitive prices. Check out our range today or contact one of our friendly staff members for more information.

  • $ 1.59 AUD

    Storage Container - 500 Tokens

    Material: plastic MOQ: 1 piece Diameter: Ø146mm Height: 138mm

    $ 1.59 AUD
  • $ 1.89 AUD

    Storage Container - 750 Tokens

    Material: plastic MOQ: 1 piece Diameter: Ø200mm Height: 138mm

    $ 1.89 AUD


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