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The ongoing trend of sticker rewards and stamp rewards is a contemporary practice inspired by classroom reward systems in schools. Stamped tokens, stickers, pins and medals have long been effective ways of boosting classroom morale across Australian schools. This positive behavioural learning method is now taking over customer-facing businesses and events in unique and unexpected ways. That’s why Combicraft brings you the most affordable and convenient curation of reward stamps and stickers.

The various uses of reward stamps 

  • Stamped rewards for students Reward stamps and stickers are excellent incentives for classroom environments such as primary and high schools. Reward stamps reinforce positive behaviours and accomplishments for students of all ages amongst their peers. Stickers and stamped rewards reinforce the importance of appropriate behaviour in the classroom and promote a sense of achievement and motivation. In turn, this encourages students to excel further and increase their learning capacity while enhancing their understanding of their own value and the value of material rewards. 
  • Rewards stamped on cards for customers — A stamped reward is a great way to measure customer loyalty and encourage spending. Reward stamps and stickers also keep customers engaged and interested in the business, as they feel that their fidelity is honoured and compensated with special offerings.

Get your customised stamped rewards at Combicraft Australia today

Combicraft is a small family-owned business focused on enhancing positive behaviour in students and customers around Australia. We strongly believe in our excellent customer service advice, and we aim to provide the best guidance for reward customisation based on your goals. 

In the theme of positive behaviour and motivation, we like to keep our ordering and shipping processes as convenient and affordable as possible. We’re located in Bundall on the Gold Coast and can ship our sticker stamp rewards and tokens Australia-wide. So get in touch with our team today to order your very own set of affordable rewards stamps, printed medals, reward pins and collectors tokens

Enjoy same-day quotes and artworks from Combicraft — let’s work together to influence the world, one reward stamp at a time!


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