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Plain Plastic Tokens

When should I buy Plain Plastic Tokens?

Are you looking for plain plastic tokens in standard designs? Our plastic round tokens, stackable tokens, heart-shaped tokens or plain wooden tokens are the answer. Our standard plastic tokens are available in various colours. At Combicraft Australia we hold no less than 16 bright token colours in stock, which offers our customers a variety of options and guaranteed rapid delivery!

When to use plastic tokens?

Blank plastic tokens can be used for events, educational purposes, behaviour awards, means of payment or voting purposes.

  • Education and Awards

    - Plastic tokens are ideal for primary schools to support their positive behaviour for learning programs. In addition to plain colourful plastic tokens, numerous Australian primary schools have already chosen Combicraft Australia as their trusted supplier of personalised reward tokens, stamps & stickers, pins & medals and wristbands. Besides, our token collectors are the perfect addition to further developing PBL frameworks in the classroom. Moreover, our stackable tokens or round plastic tokens can act perfectly as math counters or play money for students and children at home.

  • Events

    - Plain plastic tokens are a very cost-effective way to promote festivals, events and clubs and when used as entry tickets waiting times can be reduced dramatically. When plastic tokens are used as currency such as food tokens or drink tokens payment will be a lot easier and faster. In addition to cheap plastic tokens, Combicraft Australia is also a supplier of Tyvek wristbands, fabric wristbands and paper tickets for your event. Our heart-shaped tokens are perfect for weddings where they can act as a gift for wedding guests to redeem as a drink token or food token. 

Buy plain plastic tokens online

Combicraft Australia is proud to be the leading provider of blank tokens and personalised tokens Australia wide. We offer standard and express shipping for all our customers. Ordering your plastic tokens online from our web-shop is straightforward and convenient.

If you would like to gain additional information about our products and services, please visit our FAQs section. If you would like to talk to us please do not hesitate to contact us or call at 04-9013-4702. We are looking forward to advising you about the option and the right plastic tokens for your occasion.



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