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Tyvek Wristbands

When it comes to finding top-quality Tyvek wristbands for events, look no further! Our extensive selection includes a variety of event wristbands, each designed to meet specific needs and preferences. Our most popular option are our Tyvek wristbands, renowned for their strength, waterproof nature, and tear resistance. With a spectrum of 12 vibrant colors available, you can choose the wristbands that best match your event's theme or purpose. Additionally, our Tyvek wristbands can be purchased either plain or with a custom print, allowing you to personalize them with your desired text. Our party wristbands are an excellent choice for events that require identification or enhanced security measurements. They are also incredibly easy to use—simply separate them into individual strips, wrap them around your arm, and use the adhesive to secure them in place. Both our blank and printed Tyvek wristbands prioritize comfort and can be comfortably worn for extended periods without any irritation. 

When to use Tyvek wristbands?

  • Event Admission Wristbands. We offer two excellent options: our plain Tyvek wristbands and our customised Tyvek wristbands. Both options are designed to enhance your event experience. Our plain Tyvek wristbands come in bright colors that are easy to spot, ensuring efficient admission management. They are the perfect choice for any event. But if you're looking to add a personalised touch, our customised printed wristbands are the way to go. You can match them to your branding or event theme. With these custom wristbands, you can make a lasting impression on your attendees while streamlining the admission process. Select the wristbands that perfectly cater to your requirements and feel assured about their exceptional quality and impact.

  • Promotional & Security Event Wristbands. If you require security wristbands for your event, our custom printed wristbands are the perfect choice. Whether it's identifying guests, staff, or volunteers, our personalised festival wristbands can be printed with the necessary information to meet your specific needs.

We are proud to be the leading provider of plain wristbands and personalised wristbands Australia wide, already providing wristbands to over 200 events and other businesses. We offer standard and express shipping for all Australia-based customers. Ordering your wristbands online is straightforward and convenient. Purchase orders are available upon checkout, with our added bank transfer payment option.

If you need additional information about our products and services, please visit our FAQ section. If you would like to get in contact with us directly please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone.



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