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Silicone Wristbands

Why your event needs Silicone Wristbands

Personalised silicone wristbands are the way of the future for durable, long-lasting and easy identification of any group of people. They’re perfect for festivals, schools, concerts, conferences or any event that requires proof of purchase or status. Long gone are the days of damaged or lost tickets, these rubber wristbands are cost effective, highly visible and fun to wear. Offering a large range of colours, with options to print or deboss a custom silicone wristband, Combicraft have your needs covered with our collection of bands, our fast and efficient service and most importantly, low pricing.

Optimise your next event with custom rubber wristbands

From school sports carnivals, identifying children with allergies, merit awards, field trips — the need for identification in a school environment is never ending and custom rubber wristbands are the answer. They are comfortable to wear, long lasting and let’s face it, they look cool too so that kids will wear them happily! Entertainment venues that need quick identification of underage, VIP, disabled and access entitlement can issue colour coding and printed or debossed rubber bracelets. Security and staff can complete their jobs easily without the need to disrupt your patrons with requests for proof such as badges or tickets.

Promote your business with rubber wristbands

Silicone wristbands are an awesome promotional product. The super low cost of purchasing silicone bracelets in bulk means your advertising campaign can reach as far and wide as the wearer travels, without a major budget blowout. If silicone is not your style we also offer fabric and tyvek bands should you prefer a material that is a little more difficult to remove.

Contact us today for custom rubber wristbands

Visit our FAQs for more info or get in contact with us at to speak to one of our friendly team. We respond quickly with same day quotes and artwork, ensuring no delays in your planning. Design the perfect silicone wristband for your school, business or event today!



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